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April 07, 2007


b collins

your mother is NOT 82. and i'm going to tell her you said that.



As a current college student, I can definitely see issues with IM etiquette influencing the way young professionals do business.

IM is often overlooked (especially by more senior professionals) as a communication tool between industry professionals and their clients. It will be the current wave of college graduates tapping into this outlet more and more.

The hard part will be transitioning between AIM lingo with friends and proper business IM style!


^^ Wow, I love this post.
People have different perspectives and I respect ur opinion. But this doesn't really apply to me because...well...IMing for me is just...IMing. For me (a junior high school student) it's all about the ttyl, the brb or the "she did this.." When I'm older I'll probably need to reference to this post >.>
But yeah, we should be careful about wat we say. Both online and offline =]

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