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July 20, 2007


Lisa Braithwaite

Mochalala reminded me of another new use of the word "off." I haven't heard "cover off", but if you ever watch a cooking show, you'll hear "baked off" ("I baked off the pie crust") and on home improvement shows I've been hearing "paint off" as in, "I painted off this chair." I know I've heard it in another context, too, but I can't remember the third example. What the heck?

Marilynn Mobley

I tend to dislike most words ending with "ize." Apparently, you can add "ize" to any word to make it a verb, as some of my clients and colleagues have repeatedly demonstrated.


Here's a phrase that I can't stand: come-to-Jesus. I cringe when I hear people use it, and I think it's inappropriate to use it in a business setting because of it's religious suggestion.

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