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November 03, 2007


Teresa Loureiro

Thanks for your blog. It is most interesting and very important to us, people who wants to speak and write well. Words are not for hurting, but to cherish. I have loved your “10 Things to Remember”, and never forget, about the use of commas. I try to do something similar at my work (LPM Communication - www.lpmcomunicação.pt), I also have a blog that pretends to give some tips about how to write and speak fine Portuguese. Unfortunately it is only in Portuguese, so even if I invite you and you readers to visit “me” there, it will be difficult for you to understand. Nevertheless, I have created a link to your blog, so my Portuguese readers can learn who to write English correctly.
Sorry for my English, I am sure this blog will help me a lot; I will be a daily attentive reader.

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