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March 15, 2008



Another great post, full of excellent advice. One suggestion. Ditch DD and start going to Tim Hortons.

Dan MacTough

Good advice, and that's how I write email, too -- with one exception. My step #1 is attach all attachments. How many times have you sent an email saying "attached are the following" only you forgot to actually ***attach the documents.*** :-|


Y'know, I've always done that with emails that needed to be very carefully put together for tact or emotional reasons. It never occurred to me to do that with all emails. Good idea!

Paul Chaney

Steve Rubel shared this post in Google reader. I think he's on a mission to save the world from email hell.

Anyway, you're writing your emails the same way I write articles -- start with the body first, then give it a title. Very journalistic thinking if you ask me.

However, I've not been doing that where emails and/or blog posts are concerned, but I'm going to follow your lead here as it's very good advice.


This advice is great for SmartPhone email, too. Small screens are great at hiding the To: and Bcc: lines at the top. If you're replying to an email, it's a super smart idea to ALWAYS scroll back up to the top of your teensy little screen before you hit send to make sure the folks you're about to send to are who you really want to send to!

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