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August 20, 2009



There is also 'aid' as the noun as in assistance. The aide wanted to aid the person by providing financial aid.


Great list of homoPHONES! Must be a homophone kind of week because I just wrote about that on Monday! :)

Sara @ iGoMogul


I wonder how many people completely missed the Hominy reference...

Donna Earnhardt

This is hilarious. I love hominy grits and tried to figure what in the word that had to do with your article...until I reread the title and saw the "on purpose" mistake. TOOO FUNNY!!


According to Copyediting Tip of the Week:

Homonym = same sound/spelling (bank/bank)

Homophone = Same sound/difference spelling (base/bass)

Homograph = same spelling/different emphasis (refuse/refuse)

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