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April 02, 2010



Thank you so much for this recent post. Note I said/typed thank you instead of "thx!", which to me, is another disrespectful sign. Are you that busy you can't type the four extra letters to properly say thanks?


Jean-François Brouillet

You missed the perfect title by a iota ...

:) :) :)

BTW^H^H^HBy the way: how do you spell emoticons? That's a genuine Q!!



I whole-heartedly agree and would like to add another--"re:" For example, "as mentioned in our last call, I’d like to set up a time for us to talk re: filming, promoting and distributing."
It's understandable in email subject lines, but in the middle of sentences, it makes me wince. Besides, "regarding" is such a pretty word to say, and it's such a pity to butcher it!

Sue Horner

I blame Twitter. People are getting so used to saying 'convo' instead of 'conversation' and 'deets' instead of 'details' to save a few precious characters in a tweet, and it spills over into their e-mails. And you're right, sometimes those abbreviations do make you stop and puzzle them out. I'm not a fan either!


Dan, you're my new hero. This reminds me of the line from "Stranger Than Fiction", where Emma Thompson says, in reference to the IRS HR guy, "This man was an idiot. He said things like 'convo' and 'vaca' and 'wibbly-wobbly.'"

Now, I'm going back to reading the rest of your posts. (I just found your blog googling "who or whom".

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